The different activities in the IT field!

We are a company, what services we provide

There are many differences between us and other companies that you can see several of them in the rest of the project after your by us, and to fully understand the!

Compliant with the latest standards

New Ideas

Optimization and SEO

Unique Design

Training and Support

High security

4 giving us

That makes us choose

Of our strengths is the ability to respect the needs and wishes of the customer, user-friendly graphics and related structures of the project and software package (package) Web programming in our specialized prepared Persian and the ease of use and allows customization of specific changes may be suitable and easy to prepare quickly and on time customer order is

Product delivery to your end, but the beginning of our commitment. Support services, maintenance and update production schedules in order to maintain the effectiveness and continuity of its service in charge of the company’s multi-platform and with pride along with you will of our product and is always a when you use the Enjoy

One of the main objectives of our company is to create products that are ideal for their owners. Our products are always designed with the engineering process so that users can easily and comfortably with their work and they enjoy

The most important part in the formation of a business, its objectives. We also found the presence of career goals in the field believe that the goals are more professional, our business has become more professional.

3 years from begin

How quickly we’ve grown

Start activity

In the beginning a lot of attention on building expertise in all aspects of our software

To fully meet all the needs of our customers



Web and Application Development

Add a lot of expertise in areas such as web asp .net, java enterprise, …

Add specializes in producing original application Google Android SDK and Java languages

Add specializes in producing software applications for Windows and Mac OS and Linux

Development of smartphones and Coding

Add apple company specializes in the field of popular iOS phones

And also add servers and make-up applications and customizable portal

And now …

MultiPlatform means creating products that are not limited to the specific context

With can announce that the first multi-platform’ve reached our goal of achieving Name

We can all run existing software projects in all media, and by providing quality products and special pleasure to present you to the world of technology.


Personal website design, corporate enterprise with the most modern technologies


Manufacturing software for Windows, Mac, Linux


Production of web applications and content management server for all systems



Manufacturing of advanced applications for all the offline and online versions


Appearance is very strong and eye-catching design is customizable and layered


Ideas in the field of branding and commercial applications

You can pick and choose to rate

We offer to you

computer network

Create local and wide area network hardware for wireless and wired

Commercial building

Commercial building your brand in cyberspace to earn more money


Optimize your website for top rankings in Google


Create visual design for applications and websites completely dedicated


Create apps for android and ios system for all versions


Production Optimization and Website Fully Dedicated To All Customers


Your request will be considered and given


A prototype is created

Production and development

Actual product production and spread

Testing and Delivery

Product delivery and end of project

Get our products and enjoy

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